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North Lincolnshire Half Marathon

Full details of the 2017 race

will be released asap

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 Why enter this race ?

By entering this race you will be part of a very friendly and well organised event that we are striving to improve year on year, hopefully becoming the best Half Marathon around….a big feat you may think but if we keep aiming towards that goal then we feel we are on the right tracks to ensure you have the best experience from the moment you enter the race. As runners ourselves we constantly walk through every step of our events to ensure that the participants will get the best race experience that we can give them. From the moment you enter you will become part of what was described as ‘A warm friendly local club event with a great atmosphere’.

Communication is important to us, so we hope we don’t drive you crazy because you will always be well informed! For those on Facebook you can like our page and be part of the regular updates and banter that provided great entertainment last year!

Above all, we want this event to attract every type of runner, from the Sunday morning jogger to the fast elite runners…..this is what running is all about, bringing people together to share what they love best, our job is to make that possible and to keep you safe and ensure your day is enjoyable, exciting and leaving you wanting more!




Contact details
Email: info@tape2tape.co.uk
Telephone: 07919 603800

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